Officer Job Descriptions


Article VI Section II: The President shall be Chairman of the Executive Board. He or she shall also be a representative of TSDA to the Texas Academy Assembly.

  • Works with the Texas Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics to plan TSDA activities and the annual conference
  • Presides over TSDA meetings, including TSDA executive board meetings and general business meetings
  • Hosts monthly (at least) in-person, telephone, online conferences with other officers and advisors
  • Works with officers to help guide their roles and make sure they are progressing toward their goals in a timely manner
  • Responsible for inviting speakers for meetings
  • Informs universities with DPD/CP programs of TSDA activities
  • Needs leadership experience


Article VI Section III: The President Elect shall succeed to the office of President following his or her term as President Elect or in cases of Presidential vacancy. He or she shall be responsible for the TSDA newsletter.

  • The President Elect (Vice-President) succeeds the President following their term as President Elect or in cases of Presidential Vacancy.
    • The President Elect must therefore be available to serve for a total of two years on the TSDA Executive Board
  • Liaison to the region directors of Texas
  • Helps the President communicate to universities
  • Compiles information for TSDA newsletters
  • Helps the President plan for annual conference
  • Presides when the President cannot
  • Must have previous leadership experience


Article VI Section IV: The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping minutes for all meetings of the Executive Board and will be responsible for the correspondence of TSDA.

  • Attends all meetings and records important event information
  • Writes the minutes and then types and sends them to all officers and advisors
  • Acquires all member’s addresses and compiles a membership directory for each chapter
  • Types and mails correspondence; keeps letterhead
  • Works with treasurer for fundraising projects/ideas
  • Responsible for t-shirt distribution to members during event gatherings

TSDA Treasurer Duties

Article VI Section V: The Treasurer shall receive and have custody of all funds of the organization. He or she shall be responsible for keeping accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements.

  • Keep a running ledger on Drive of all expenses, debits, and credits, etc
  • Cross reference amount in bank account with running Excel ledger monthly
  • Keeps bank account balanced
  • Purchases items for meetings in Fall and Spring semester
  • Collects money from purchased merchandise
  • Writes checks for reimbursement and keeps all receipts
  • Helps President Elect find scholarship information and fundraising events Finds sponsors to pay for activities and annual meeting
  • Ships merchandise


Article VI Section VI: The Historian shall maintain the TSDA website, Facebook, and other forms of social media approved by the organization. He or she shall also be responsible for gathering and distributing all of the pictures from meetings/conferences to SDA chapters.

  • Maintains the Website/ Blog
  • Creates Posts at least 3 times a month
  • Network (with President) with local DPD, Dietetic Interns, and RDNs for posts
  • Create flyers/advertisements when requested
  • Works with the President/President-elect to maintain social media
  • Assists President-Elect with newsletter information
  • Creativity and computer knowledge