Readers ask: How Long Does The Zav Take To Approve Internship?

I contacted my supervisor and they applied for the ZAV approval a day after. Only your supervisor is allowed to apply for it. As an intern, you only provide them with some documents from your side. It took the ZAV exactly 3 weeks to give us a response.

How much time does ZAV approval take?

It takes around 6 weeks to get the ZAV approval1, and it costs your employer around 400€1.

How do I get ZAV approval letter?

In order to request pre-approval from the ZAV, there are several important documents you will need:

  1. Work contract, signed by the company.
  2. Job description form, “Stellenbeschreibung”
  3. Proof of qualifications, which can be either a university degree or relevant work experience.

Is ZAV letter mandatory for German visa?

It is mandatory to have a binding contract for a highly qualified employment in Germany. In some cases a binding approval letter issued by the competent German Labour Authorities (“ZAV-Zustimmung”) is required in Addition.

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Do I need work permit for internship in Germany?

This is a type of work permit that allows you to work in Germany. The company or organization offering the internship must provide it for you. (Internships offered by European Union programmes such as Erasmus, Socrates, and Leonardo do not require this document).

How much bank balance is required for Germany job seeker visa?

So, for a 6 months long stay in Germany with this visa, you must have €5118 (approx. INR 454852) blocked before you travel to Germany.

How long does it take to get blue card in Germany?

How long will it take to get my Blue Card? National law foresees that the maximum processing time for issuing a Blue Card in Germany is 90 days.

Is it easy to get blue card in Germany?

EU Blue Card Field Requirements Germany If you have a university degree, professional training, and a qualifying salary (at least €56,800/year), you are eligible for an EU Blue Card. It is easier to obtain a Blue Card if you are skilled in a profession that is in shortage.

Is it hard to get a German work visa?

The job offer gets you the visa, the visa gets you on the plane. Getting a work visa for Germany is not that difficult.

Can I work in Germany without blue card?

Now, most people know about the above mentioned EU Blue Card, however, non-EU citizens who do not hold a university degree or who hold a degree in an unrelated subject – and are hence not eligible for a Blue Card – are still able to work in Germany.

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How long does it take to get a German work visa?

The processing time for a Germany long-stay work visa may take from one to three months from the application day. The processing time depends also on the number of applications the embassy is receiving at the time, as well as your situation.

How do I get a German blue card?

The process of obtaining a Blue Card for Germany is:

  1. Find a job.
  2. Apply for a German Employment Visa and travel to Germany.
  3. Apply for work authorization.
  4. Register your address.
  5. Get health insurance.
  6. Gather the necessary documents.
  7. Apply for the Blue Card at the German Immigration Authorities.

How much time does it take to get German work visa?

Applications take about 1-3 months to be processed. After the application has been approved by the Aliens’ Authority and –if applicable- by the Work Office (Arbeitsagentur), the Embassy or Consulate General will issue a residence permit in the form of a visa, which will include the authorization to work in Germany.

How much do internships pay in Germany?

How much will I earn as an intern in Germany? A full-time intern for a non-mandatory internship which lasts at least 3 months, earns the German Federal minimum wage of €9.35 an hour or €1.620 a month!

Can I do an internship without being a student in Germany?

You can complete an internship in Germany even if you are not studying at a German university or have just finished a course. The only condition is that your work placement should relate in some way to the subject of your course. Your prospective employer may also submit an internship application for you to the ZAV.

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Is it possible to do internship after graduation in Germany?

First, internships have become increasingly important in Germany and it is quite common for university graduates to complete one or more such positions during or after their studies. Second, internships in Germany may be offered on an unpaid basis if they are no longer than three months in length.

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