Quick Answer: How Can I Get A High School Internship At Nasa?

How to Apply to the NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program (IEP)

  1. U.S. citizen.
  2. At least 16 years of age.
  3. Enrolled or accepted for enrollment on at least a half-time basis in a degree or certificate program.
  4. Currently have and maintain a 2.9 GPA.

Can you intern at NASA as a high school student?

Explore NASA Internships Internships are available from high school to graduate level. Internships provide students with the opportunity to participate in either research or other experiential learning, under the guidance of a mentor at NASA.

Can high schoolers work at NASA?

Be at least 16 years of age. Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment on at least a half-time basis. Be pursuing a degree or certificate. Currently have and maintain a 2.9 grade point average.

How old do you have to be to get a NASA internship?

Jobs for Teens at NASA The minimum age to intern at NASA is 16 years old.

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Are NASA internships hard?

Landing a NASA internship is difficult. On top of the obvious advice everyone provides like have a high GPA, etc. there are more distinctive ways to stand out from the crowd. I know people who have sub 3.5 GPAs and still interned for NASA by doing the things listed below.

Are NASA internships online?

Many internships for college students were cancelled during the pandemic, however, NASA adapted and made them happen remotely. Just like the NASA workforce was adapting to working from home, so were interns.

How much does a NASA internship cost?

The first piece of good news is all NASA internships pay $7,300 for the summer.

How much are NASA interns paid?

How much does a Intern at NASA make? The typical NASA Intern salary is $18 per hour. Intern salaries at NASA can range from $4 – $31 per hour.

What are the best internships for high school students?

11 Best Summer Internships for High School Students

  1. Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) at Google.
  2. Microsoft High School Internship.
  3. Kaiser Permanente LAUNCH Program.
  4. Johns Hopkins CARES Summer Program.
  5. Central Intelligence Agency Summer Internship.
  6. NASA High School Internship.
  7. The Intern Group International Internships.

What NASA sees internship?

The program provides selected students with exposure to Earth and space research. Interns will learn how to interpret NASA satellite data while working with scientists and engineers in their chosen area of work. The interns will work beside NASA subject matter experts analyzing and visualizing data.

Do NASA internships require a letter of recommendation?

The student should inform their mentor of any academic plans during their internship at NASA. 10. DO I NEED A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION? Yes, applicants must submit at least one letter of recommendation however, 2-3 letters are common.

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How can I join NASA after 12th?

How to become a scientist in NASA

  1. Learn about NASA and its opportunities:
  2. Identify your strengths, passion and interests:
  3. Create a systematic career plan:
  4. Analyse Resume’ of NASA officials:
  5. Be an all-rounder:
  6. Apply for the NASA Pathways Employment Program (IEP):

What GPA do you need for NASA?

U.S. Citizen. Cumulative 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) 16 years of age at the time of application. Enrolled in a degree-granting program at an accredited college or university (high school to graduate)

What do high school NASA interns do?

WHAT ARE NASA INTERNSHIPS? NASA internships provide unique NASA- related experiences for high school, undergraduate, graduate students, and educators. They engage students with real-world experiences while contributing to the operation of a NASA facility and the advancement of NASA’s missions.

How long does it take to get an offer from NASA internship?

When will I found out if I was selected for the position? How long does it take? You will find out if you were selected after a hiring manager has made a decision, which typically takes between 45 and 60 days after the announcement closes, although this time frame can be shorter or longer.

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