FAQ: What Is An Insight Internship?

Insight days are essentially mini internships where 1st and 2nd year students can find out more about a company, before committing to a full internship or placement.

What is a consumer insights intern?

As a consumer insights intern, your job is to help a company understand its brand, how people think about a given product, and what sort of marketing, research, and analysis they should do in the future. You may also be involved with customer strategy or conduct survey work.

What is an insight placement?

A placement within industry for influencers – teachers, career advisers and lecturers – which would involve active participation as well as an insight into your sector/ business. Suitable for any size or type of business.

Are insight weeks paid?

Luckily I was able to stay with family members which meant my costs weren’t too high anyway, but lots of companies understand not everyone is that fortunate which is why many insight weeks are paid.

What is an insight week?

A Spring Week, or Insight Week, is a placement undertaken during the Easter holidays of your first year at university. Your week at the bank is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to the investment banking industry, as well as the work of that particular institution.

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Do you put insight days on your CV?

Insight days count as work experience… Regardless of how your applications go, any work experience or professional exposure is a priceless addition to any CV. Even if you decide it’s not for you, completing an insight day will enhance your future employability no end when it comes to looking for a job of any kind.

How do I get the most of an insight Day?

Here are our five top tips to make the most of the day

  1. Do research into the services the firm provides…
  2. Wear something smart…
  3. Make an effort with your fellow Insight Day visitors…
  4. Get networking…
  5. Ask questions and, above all, be yourself!

Are insight days work experience?

An insight scheme is a short period of work experience primarily designed for first and second year university students. They typically last between one to ten days, and take place during the university holidays. Most employers specifically use their insight schemes to scout for future talent.

Can first year uni students do internships?

Most major graduate employers offer internships and vacation work to students in their penultimate (usually third or fourth) year. Alternatively, you can check with your university’s careers service to see if they can recommend any local opportunities for first-year students from your field of study.

Can you do an internship in first year?

By interning in your first year, you can start your portfolio earlier than many of your peers. It gives you extra experience on your resume, shows you are eager and can take initiative, and helps you stand out by getting your name out there.

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What is female Insight week?

Insight Weeks for Women Over five days, you’ll get to know our current graduates and colleagues. You’ll learn about our purpose, vision and values, meet colleagues, and hear about their career journeys.

Are Spring Weeks competitive?

Spring Weeks are hugely competitive. It’s common for banks to receive thousands of applications for just 50 or 60 positions. Therefore, you need to stand out within the application process to be considered.

Does JP Morgan do spring weeks?

JP Morgan Spring Week: 1 week programme within Investment Banking, Wealth Management and sales and trading. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by JP Morgan HERE.

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