Earn a Graduation Cord

TSDA Cord Qualifications

Here’s how you earn them:

First three bullets must be earned each semester, doubling the total for the year. Submit hours earned to eatrighttsda@gmail.com

  • Participate in 6 hours of community service
  • Attend 2 Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic events in your area
  • 5 hours of service for TSDA by:
    • 1hr – Participate in TSDA’s annual Nutrition Bowl
    • 1hr – Submit a blog post (unlimited)
    • 2hr – Apply for an officer position
    • 1hr – Vote in the TSDA election
    • 1hr – Share and tag TSDA on social media 3 times
    • 2hr – Volunteer to be a TSDA Liaison (additional hour earned for each conference call attended)

It is too late to fill out the form to get a graduation cord if you’re graduating in the Spring of 2021. Check back later or contact a TSDA officer at eatrighttsda@gmail.com if you want a graduation cord for another semester.

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