Applying to Dietetic Internship… My Adventure – by Meredith Mannix

When I applied this past February to dietetic internships, I decided to apply to three out of state ones. I had talked to many different people about how to pick which internships to look at, and I was told that now was the time to go travel before I settled down to get a job. I was afraid to apply far from home and at a new school that would be so unfamiliar. But change is good and can be exciting. No matter where I end up I am ready to start my new adventure.

I would recommend to anyone applying next year to be adventurous and try something new if you are able. I just got an interview at one of the programs I applied to out of state. They offer an in-person interview and a phone interview. Still, they suggested the in-person interview. I enthusiastically accepted the in-person interview and although I was in the state for less then 24-hours I do not regret it. It was an amazing experience to be able to travel by myself, see what the program was like, and to talk with the current interns at the program. I felt that I could see into a window of intern life. I also got very excited about the possibility of moving to a new place and traveling. It was frightening to go to a new state where the interns and other interviewees were all from around there. Nevertheless, I know I can go wherever I get matched, will make it the best experience I can, and when it is over I will be an RD!

Photos- Me in the hotel room before my interview. The flowers (the state flower of the state where I got the interview!) and support note are from my roommate as a congratulations on achieving the interview!

Meredith Mannix is Senior Nutrition Dietetics student from Texas Women University


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