TSDA’s Annual Nutrition Bowl!!

The 2nd Annual Nutrition Bowl is occurring on April 14, 2018 from 10:50-11:50 AM at the 2018 Texas Academy Annual Conference and Exhibition!
Make sure you sign up to represent your school and show off your nutrition and dietetics related knowledge!

Sign Up Here!


  1. Each team is composed of four (4) students in a Didactic Program in Dietetics 1. (graduate or undergraduate). Each team will designate a team captain. One student is an alternate who will play only in the absence of a regular team member.
  2. Students are selected by the Program Director of the participating school.
  3. Team members and alternates may participate only for one year. A first year student who participates as a team member or an alternate may not participate on a team in any subsequent years while a student in the program.
  4. The number of schools participating, and the format of the preliminary round,
    will depend upon the number of schools accepting the offer to compete. The two top teams from the preliminary rounds will compete in the final round.
  5. The tournament is a single elimination. Teams will draw at random to establish who plays whom. Teams will draw at random to see which teams play first.
  6. All questions are either (1) fill in the blank, (2) multiple choice. Questions will cover a multitude of subjects, including but not limited to: Nutrition Science, Food Science, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Metabolism, Community Nutrition, and Foodservice.
  7. Questions will be asked by the Master of Ceremonies. Any of the six contestants may answer the question by striking their “lock-out” device. The player who strikes first will electronically lock out the other contestants. A buzzer will sound, a light will light, and the Master of Ceremonies will identify the team and player who hit the button first. The individual who hits the button may not confer with his/her teammates, and, once identified, has five (5) seconds to answer the question.
  8. Should the lock-out system malfunction, the judges will determine which contestant hit the button first, or they may elect to disregard the question.
  9. The lock-out button may be hit at any time during the recitation of the question. However, once it has been hit, no additional information will be provided to the individual beyond the portion that was already stated before the button was hit.
  10. No answer will be accepted unless the lock-out button is hit first, and the team and player are identified by the Master of Ceremonies. Should a player reveal an answer without being called on by the Master of Ceremonies, the other team will have the opportunity to hear the complete question before answering. If neither team elects to try to answer a question, the host will reveal the answer, and the next question is asked.
  11. If a question is answered correctly, the points for that question will be awarded to the answering team. If the question is answered incorrectly, the point value of the question will be subtracted from the answering team’s score. The opposing team is then asked the complete question and given the option to answer the question or to pass. The decision must be made by the captain of the team within five (5) seconds. If the team passes, the answer is revealed and the next question is offered to both teams.
  12. Should Team “A’ choose to answer the question that Team “B’ answered incorrectly, the members of Team ‘A” may confer with each other for five (5) seconds but the captain must provide the answer. If the answer is correct, the point value will be added to the team’s total. If the answer is incorrect, the points will be subtracted from their total. A minus score will be recorded if a team fails below a zero score. The minus score is equal to the sum of the value (# of points) of each question missed.
  13. Prizes: The winning team will all receive a TSDA T-shirt and their school’s name engraved on the Plaque!!
  14. A trophy will be given to the winning school to display until the next College Bowl, and the name of the school and the year of the competition will be engraved on the Perpetual Trophy that is displayed in the offices of the Marilyn Magaram Center for Food Science, Nutrition, and Dietetics.
  15. Students participating in the competition may not receive college credit (ie, independent study) for their participation.
  16. Should a tie occur during the preliminary or final round, the Master of Ceremonies will select a tie-breaking question. The question will be asked, and each team will have 30 seconds to confer and write the answer to the question on a paper provided. The team answering the question correctly will be declared the winner. If both teams answer the question correctly or incorrectly, a new question will be selected by the Master of Ceremonies until only one team answers the question correctly. That team is then declared the winner.
  17. All disputes will be settled by the team of three judges. The judge’s ruling is considered final.

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