Red, White, and YOU Kids Culinary Camp at TWU


Our very own, Angela Griffin, holds an annual kids culinary camp at Texas Woman’s University. This camp provides kids, from the ages of 9-14 years old, education and experience in the kitchen and even outdoors to have fun with health and wellness. Not only do the kids get to have this amazing experience but all of Mrs. Griffin’s helpers (Dietetics students), do as well.

Here we have TWU’s DPD student, David Sandoval, share with us his experience.


What role did you play in the Red, White, and YOU kids culinary camp?
During the kids camp, I was assigned as a team leader. This put me in charge of a specific group of 5 campers, ages 9-14yrs, for the entire week. We were called team Pears! I assisted in educating the campers about nutrition and was their hands on assistant in the kitchen.

How did you become involved with this camp and take on this role?
I was recruited by Ms. Griffin and she was the one that gave me the role of a team leader. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I am not that good of a cook, but oIMG_1678nce the camp started the kids didn’t even notice. They did 90% of the work and I was just there to guide and keep them safe.


How do you feel you contributed to this camp?
Having the basic knowledge of cooking and nutrition, I believe I contributed to this camp in a positive way. For instance, I made sure the campers didn’t get sick by teaching them about cross-contamination. Also, I encouraged them to follow the MY PLATE guidelines when they eat with their families.

How do you feel this camp contributes to your experience in becoming a Dietitian?
Being around people that have the same healthy mindset and would like to know more about nutrition made me excited for the future. This camp gave me an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and work with children in the kitchen. There are no words that can explain how scared I was the night before. This camp gave me a reminder of why I wanted to become a Dietitian.

Did this experience give you any new aspirations for your future?
As cheesy as this sounds, this experience gave me a sneak peak of what my future dream job would look like. I would love to do something related to this camp as I gain more experience over time. My overall goal for the future is to bring families back to the dinner table so they can happily eat a nutritious meal. How would I accomplish this? I’m not exactly sure yet, but I have a couple of ideas.


What did the kids take away from this camp?
During this camp the kids had the opportunity to not only eat and cook delicious foods, but also learned the nutritional side of what they were eating. For example, they learned how to cook food, clean the kitchen, avoid cross-contamination, properly wash hands, which foods are healthy to eat on a day to day basis, guidelines to MY Plate, how to beat me at basketball, the list can go on.IMG_1584

Would you suggest this type of experience to any other Dietetic students?
I would definitely recommend for Dietetic students to experience this kind of camp. You’ve got nothing to lose and trust me the kids make it all worth it.

Was this experience only beneficial to students who are interested in working with children in their future?
I would have to say no, because during my experience I learned a lot about nutrition that I didn’t already. The campers may be kids, but the information that was given out could be given to adults as well. As long as you want to learn about nutrition and educate your fellow peers, then this camp could be beneficial for any student.

Anything else you would like to add?
I had a phenomenal time participating in this camp. I loved interacting with the kids and embracing all of their different personalities. They each had something different to bring to the table. Typically during the summer, I don’t like waking up before eight in the morning, but for this camp it was not an issue. Every day was a new day with different challenges to overcome, and to me that was exciting. I can’t wait to do it again next year. #GOPEARS!




Interview and edits made by, Sarah Dahms, TSDA 17-18 Historian

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