TSDA Spring Meeting And Nutrition Bowl

The 2017 Spring meeting for the Texas Student Dietetic Association took place on March 31st at The Texas Academy Conference & Exhibition in Georgetown, Texas. The excitement and tension between teams grew as all six teams started to gather in the room to compete in the Nutrition Bowl. In total, there were six teams competing: The University of the Incarnate Word, Texas Tech University, Texas Southern University, Texas Woman’s University, Texas A&M University, and Sam Houston State University. At noon, the introductions began from the officers of TSDA. Dr. Cindy Heiss,  RD, LD, from the University of the Incarnate Word, moderated the event.

The first two rounds started with students slightly shy and nervous; however, this started to change as the dietetic major’s competitive spirit started to show through. The crowd was as excited as the members, whispers and reacting to the questions as if they were the competitors. The funniest moments were when professors in the crowd would give reactions to their school correctly (or incorrectly) answering a question!  The final round was between Texas A&M University and Texas Woman’s University. Texas Woman’s University became the first winners of the TSDA Nutrition Bowl by winning with a small margin of one point. This new tradition was well received and it will become a staple of connecting Texas dietetic students through knowledge and friendly competition. After the nutrition bowl, the members of TSDA met outside for a short meeting in the beautiful Georgetown weather.

Written by:

Erin Maxwell,

Historian of TSDA 2016-2017



Universiy of the Incarnate Word along with Dr. Heiss
The University of the Incarnate Word


Texas Tech! Red Raider Team!
The Texas Tech University Team




Sam Houston State University
The Sam Houston State University Team


Texas Southern University
The Texas Southern University Team


A&MAggie Team (1)
The Texas A&M University Team


TWU Team
The Texas Woman’s University Team





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