Project Vote 2017 has begun!

Please VOTE! Texas is making our voices heard in the 2016-2017 Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Election. We have 2 Texas members on the ballot this year- Neva Cochran (President-elect) and Nancy DiMarco (CDR).

Texas is having a fun competition with other states. We have been placed in “Category 4” with states of similar member size. If we win our category, we get a FREE FNCE registration. We will do a raffle and put all Texas member names that vote.

Also, everyone that votes gets a $5 credit in the online store! That’s how much the Academy wants all voices to be heard through the power of your vote!

Voting ends on 2/22/2017. Make sure to VOTE!

Thank you,

Texas Student Dietetic Association Officer Team


Neva Cochran, Candidate for President-elect


Dr. Nancy DiMarco, Candidate for CDR

Published by texasdieteticstudents

State-wide organization for dietetics students across Texas! We are a branch of the Texas Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics! Join us in our journey to health and wellness!

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