Chapter Update from The Student Nutrition Organization of Texas State University

Texas State University’s Student Nutrition Organization (TXST SNO) has been busy this semester with fun activities. Below they have recapped what they have been doing on their campus!

SNO café (Monday and Wednesday Mornings)

Every Monday and Wednesday morning Ms. Kerri, vice president of SNO, prepares tacos, coffee, apples, etc. with the help of some amazing volunteers. Mr. Phillip comes in at 7am, set ups the table with the miniature trash can, the table cloth, condiments, and so on. After which he starts to help with everything else we need before he goes to class at 8am. I come in also at 7 am and start prepping food items. I cook and slice the turkey bacon, wash and slice tomatoes, marinate and cook the chicken, slice red onions, and eventually use most of that along with other items to make chicken wraps. We get different volunteers all the time, but those are the three people who are always there!

Sylvia, Mimi (SNO Liaison) and Kerri (SNO Officer VP)

Garden Day with the Filipino Club

Normally any volunteers, mostly SNO members come to the garden. Veronica, one of the SNO officers who’s in charge of the garden, invited the Filipino club to come hang out, enjoy some snacks, pull weeds, paint rocks to be placed in the garden. Everyone had a blast and really enjoyed seeing how far the garden has come since it started. Kerri, Judy Brooks the SNO, Phillip, and so many more people were at the garden this day. All in all, it was an amazing mini social and made some really amazing new friends.


Raj Patel Group Photo

We catered the Raj Patel event. Mr. Patel gave a wonderful speech about the food system and took questions after the talk.


A&M Dietetic Internship Preparation Workshop 

Most of the SNO community went to the annual DIPW and we got a great group photo.


Written by: Olmiche Vital

About the Author:



To introduce myself, my name is Olmiche Vital and I am the Liaison between TSDA and the Student Nutrition Organization at TXST.

Some fun facts about: I went to the Culinary Institute of America where I got an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts. After that I joined the military and did almost 4 years in the United States Navy. After the navy I went to University of North Texas to get my bachelors and transferred to the Art Institute of Austin where I received my Bachelors in Culinary Management. I am currently getting a second Bachelor in Nutrition and Foods eventually becoming an RD.

I am from Haiti, Haitian born and raised, until my family came to America in 1999. I speak Creole and English, and for most of my middle school years I took ESL to learn English. I am very welled travelled because of my other schools I went to and the US Navy, I’ve been to Thailand, Spain Italy, London, FL, NY, Seattle, JP, Malaysia, Philippines, Dubai, Bahrain, Greece, GA, to name a few places. I am excited to be on the road to becoming an RD, and upon completion of some necessary courses I will be applying for the MS program here at TXST.



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