Spotlight: Sean Alva on Becoming Involved in the Dietetic “Network”

Picture Taken from Jennifer Neily, MS, RDN, LD, FAND

Dietitians and Dogs: A Meet and Greet

Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:Northeast Region event

Do you ever feel like going or even the thought of going to a dietetic event or meeting of any kind to “network” a little intimidating? Don’t worry because you are not alone.

Hi guys! My name is Sean, and I’m a dietetic student at Texas Woman’s University. I also just started blogging, so please check out my site at (I’m still thinking of a cool/catchy blog name). I’m that typical shy guy, although I’ve been to several dietetic meetings I want to talk about this event in particular.

For the newbies out there that never been to a dietetic event, social, or meeting at or around your region. This would be a great way to get your feet wet to “network”. And for those who are regulars, don’t miss these types of events. Why?  Because Dogs! And you get to meet their guardians, who are Registered Dietitians and future RDs2B as well. When I went to this event, I didn’t know anybody nor have a pet, but I went anyway because I love dogs! Tip: before you guys go, I would email the organizer just to let them know that you’re interested in attending and they would be a great frame of reference when you go by yourself.

This event was awesome! I met the event organizer Mrs. Jennifer Neily aka Mrs. Neily, who is also the Texas Academy regional director for the Northeast region. She was absolutely fun to talk with and gave me some helpful advice as a dietetic student. By the way, her pet Lex was just as fun! I also met other registered dietitians, such as Nora, Jennifer, and Izzey. They were all extremely fun to talk with since we talked about practically everything. So, “networking” for me is basically meeting someone new and finding out what their passion is and sharing things about yourself that motivate you. And there you go, without even thinking about it you’re meeting someone new and networking. So, for every dietetic student or RD out there, please attend these events to meet your fellow dietitians in or around your region and get to know them and vice versa. You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll discover (possible job opportunities), in my case, helpful advice for the dietetic internship. I would absolutely recommend going to the next TAND event near you.

Thanks for reading!

Sean Alva -Sean is a senior at Texas Woman’s University.

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